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Hello Newgrounds! Afoxinabox here and glad to be. I'm still trying to get adjusted to the move. I had a few friends that just stopped posting when the move happened and we got separated due to several live circumstances so now I'm trying to make new friends. I also started animating again and accepting comissions after what has been a 2 year hiatus for me after graduating from university.

an important note: I tend to keep my sfw blog very separate as I link family to that one and work but those who know me personally I don't mind sharing this information. If you find out who I am PLEASE do not refer to me by name. I don't need to give my moms friends and my old pastor a heart attack. I see nsfw art the same as I see any other fine art form and appreciate the detail and hard work other people put into this. Let's be serious though it's damn sexy stuff.

A little bittle more about myself: I'm a 28 and I like ASS now for more important details: I am a bit introverted meaning that I don't have a clue when it comes to multiplayer games but I adore the escapist fantasies of single player games although I suck at those too. I have a wierd knowledge of obscure animation I blame college for. my top 5 favorite babes of fiction are: xj9, midna, akko, sabrina (pkmn), and nights (nid). I'm just an assman... maybe. I will probably follow you if your really good at animating or drawing butts even dude butts! those matter too! I'm also often called on by my personal friends for feedback and honestly I should probably charge for that but I don't because I love seeing my friends get ahead. so, if your butts are a bit saggy and you ask I will let ya know. but who knows some people are probably into that.

also one more warning: adventurer beware, most of my art is "sub-serious" as in it's comedic in nature. I often choose subjects that are a bit nonsensical because it gets my rocks off. So if my art makes you uncomfortable at times, hell it might make me uncomfortable too on purpose. I have open comissions, and as my disclaimer states I'll pretty much draw anything that doesn't "darn get me in troubles with the LAW-Man." but if I start producing shit castles for the wonderbread guy, I'm sorry but I gots bills to pay. also I find the prospect of that hilarious.

to sum up, I'm a wierd adult guy looking for other wierd adult friends who is new here and happy to be here. also a furry and comissions open I guess the fuck you want from me? happy fappy!

also why does everyone do these introductions? It might be my kindergarden understanding of human interactions but are there better ways to do this? you know meeting people online? does anyone care that I have a penis if I draw well? Maybe I've got 3 stickin outta the top of my butt like tailfeathers? you'll never know!


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