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Actual feedback request, please share with me your observations. Be aware I will take these responses only half seriously. My mental health has suffered greatly for a long time due to a combination of depression, SAD, ADD, and Acute Stress Disorder. My whole life has been an uphill battle, my family censored almost all my artistic expression and still does for the most part. This account has been an escape from all that and has been helpful. This is not a cry for help mentally as I am in a great state of improvement ATM. I feel better than I ever have. This is more a request to hear what everyone always held back from me for fear of a reaction. I have been having a hard time navigating improvement to my art NSFW or otherwise. I don't know what it's missing and it's always felt a little offbeat in a way that isn't received well publicly. Usually it’s just occasional snide remarks or just a lack of response at all followed by down-votes. Often, it's on pieces I spent more time on rather than less. I've been told my work is blurry or that proportions are warped and I am working on this. This post might get deleted in the future if I feel overwhelmed by responses. Rather than do what most people do in this situation and fight on the internet I'm going to attempt NOT TO RESPOND. If there was an option, I would ban myself from commenting on this on purpose, but alas there is not that I know of.


I've been through a lot in these past months, a job change, planning new move, purchased a new computer, an aunt died, Kaiser decided that my intake process was "not essential and would be postponed" and so I've lost access to meds that literately help keep myself organized and less forgetful (time management is impacted by this greatly) oh and I'm an essential worker, weeeee (that little chestnut). nearly broke up, nearly married, very queer, very socially awkward and very exhausted from keeping up with myself and improving despite everything. Those who know me are aware I'm a fukn mess but a compassionate and optimistic one. Please do me this favor and rail my ass with everything on your mind about my work. roast me, toast me put me on a spit. but if you can, please, professional opinions are most welcome. But please, spank me daddy I've been bad.


Tell me what you think of my work, honestly. If it helps your conscience, I keep my SFW accounts very separate and don't link them on purpose so the feedback I gain here in this persona will help with my professional work as well. Reminded: This is my NSFW porn account, so as far as nature of content goes, I mean I draw whatever I feel like, this is not an open forum for free drawing requests. But, the quality of these posts could be better for certain. Am I focusing on details that are considered ephemeral? Is it the lack of cleanliness? Could it be gayer? Lack of futa? What is it I'm missing? I would love to hear what gets your rocks off and if I've blue balled any of you my sincerest apologies... JK I DON'T GIVE A FUCK. Love ya all, toodles



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Gimme your sick fantasies for some muns! I'm opening temporary quickcoms: $50 it gets done. If you want something more than a quick commission I can give a longer price listing. I need to stretch my creator hole a bit with some out of the box stuff. Only two rules:#1 no scat and #2 consent. Same rules I have in real life but my dom calls the shots and we have a safety word. Please if you'd like to support my work I have a patreon or you can direct message me for requests.

Now que ACDC's dirty deeds done dirt cheap remix. I feel like nightcore of that would have a samba feel.